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BestSmartHomeGadget.com is your go-to information site about everything that has to do with smart home technology. Our ultimate goal is to provide value and give the best possible information to our readers, regarding optimizing your smart home setup and independent reviews of products.

This site was created to make knowledge about smart home gadgets education available to those who want to learn. While all these smart products are incredibly cool, there is much thought that goes into a purchase. After all, they are supposed to make your life more convenient, comfortable and secure.

Our team truly believes that the smart home market is here to stay, it will revolutionize our homes and our automate our every-day tasks. We believe that there has to be an easier way to find information about specific topics related to the smart home technology, that’s why we created this site with a big passion. With the amount of information out there, it can be quite hard to find the answer to your needs to say at least. Without wasting to much time, you are often left disappointed.

We have reviews products from brands like Philips Hue, Amazon Echo, Netgear, TP-Link, Ecobee, Nest, Lifx, Belkin and many more. Ranging in smart home niches like color-changing smart bulbs, security cameras, smart speakers, thermostats, door locks, smoke detectors, smart switches & robot vacuums just to name a few.

philips hue review
From a review of Philips Hue products

On our team, we have people who were early users of smart products for years already. We instantly knew that this would be something we wanted to be a part of, and with no hesitation, we have spent way to much time and money on this hobby. With that said we also recommend our favorite purchase decisions for our readers, as well products we didn’t like at all. All our recommendations are backed and shared as a team, the smart gadgets we recommend are vetted by industry experts.

We do not accept payments for baised reviews of products in our round-ups or giving products a higher review. The recommendations and ratings we set are unbiased and genuinely what our experience was.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about topics you want to know more about or us to research on a specific technology.

Our team


Casey Stuart


Casey Stuart is currently the main editor and publishes and updates most of the articles and content. He has been interested in smart home technology for the past five years, and not so surprisingly, he was the first by his friends and family by having automations in his home. After continually getting questions about it he realized that this is the future of home improvement. He received a Master’s Degree in 2014 for computer science and algorithms, ever since he has been passionate and interested in automations and AI.


Max Lyons

Writer & Researcher

A fair amount of time is actually going to pure research or reviewing, and here’s where Max comes in. He’s also a passionate smart home enthusiast who has been working in the retail as a seller of every-day technology, so he has a good idea of what the average customer is looking for in terms of features. He also keeps up to date with news and products combined with research of new opportunities and technologies connected to internet of things.

Max works hand in hand with Casey, as it’s very rare only one person is working on one article.

How we Review Smart Home Gadgets



We look at every specific feature of a product and compare it to similar products in the same niche. Have another manufacturer solved a problem in a better way or does it have extra features that make it above the curve.



Having smart home gadgets that are compatible with other systems is extremely important as you build your collection of smart things. Does the product have a good API or supports things such as turn on your lights using your smartphone or voice, stream to smart speakers like Google & Alexa or locking your doors remotely.



We always look at the pricing and the products differences, is a higher price justifiable? We’ll always tell our readers if a product is worth its money or if it’s too much compared to what it actually offers the end user.



No matter how useful a smart home gadget is or how much media coverage it has gotten, it is essential to have access to excellent and reliable customer support. With things like these, there is a good chance some will encounter technical issues and having someone to reach out to is vital for us.



How is the quality of the product and is it future-proof? Will the gadget likely be out-dated next year or it something that will benefit you for a very long time. The smart market is currently exploding, and there will be new products that sound amazing on paper but actually will be short-lived due to not being convenience.



This is a fine line between reliability, we try to look at how innovative a product is and if the manufacturer has a dominant role in their field or niche. Hopping on the wagon for every new innovative idea will probably let you down as many products will not survive, we look at reviews and the history of the manufacturer, as well on what the specific product is trying to solve.