How Long do Philips Hue Bulbs Last? – White and Color Ambiance Bulbs

How Long do Philips Hue Bulbs Last

How long do Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance bulbs last?

To be precise, a normal Philips Hue bulb can last for 15000 hours. That is, with an average use of 6 hours, this smart bulb can last for 6 to 7 years easily. In contrast to this fact, a typical incandescent bulb can last only for 1000 to 2000 hours.

In addition, the 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen Bulbs have got 25000 hours life span which allow them to be functional for almost 12 to 13 years on normal usage.

Life Span Comparison of Three Generations

Philips Hue Light BulbsLife SpanAverage Years
1st Gen15000 hours7 to 8 years
2nd Gen25000 hours12 to 13 years
3rd Gen25000 hours12 to 13 years

Philips Hue is a brand famous for smart bulbs technology. With the gadgets that it has introduced, the company surely is making its mark among the population. Up till now, Philips Hue has introduced three generations of hue bulbs whereas there are two bridge versions being introduced which control different options of the bulb.
Today, we are going to judge the lifespan of a smart bulb introduced by Philips Hue.

So, let’s start without any further ado.

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How Much Longer a Philips Hue Bulb Last

This question is in the mind of almost every person who is about to try out the gadget for the very first time.

The fact is, unlike a typical incandescent light bulb which has a life span of only 1000 to 2000 hours, hue bulbs have got much more than that. The simplest hue bulb, i.e. First Gen bulb can last for 15000 hours easily.

What does this mean? The answer is simple. That is, if you use a hue bulb regularly for 6 hours, it will last for as long as six to seven years without any worries. In fact, the bulb won’t malfunction in any case and will glow with full efficiency at the same time.

This is also a fact that apart from Gen 1 bulbs, 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen bulbs have got 25000 hours life span. That is, if you keep them on for 24 hours a day, they will last for no more than 3 years.

The question here arises that does anyone needs to keep on the lights 24/7? The answer is probably no. An average household keeps lights on for no more than 6 to 7 hours daily or a maximum limit of 10 hours. According to this average, Philips Hue Bulbs are able to last for more than 12 years (2nd Gen and 3rd Gen).

We will be quoting another standard example to make it clearer. That is if you have got a standard Hue White and color ambiance bulb along with a standard bulb. Each of these bulbs is functioning only few hours a week. Considering this, these light bulbs will reach 1000 and 1600 hours per year on a rough estimate of three hours on weekday whereas 8 hours on weekends. If the same schedule is followed, a hue bulb will easily last for more than 15 years which is much more than a typical incandescent bulb.

Lifespan Estimate of 1st Gen Bulb

1st gen bulbs were introduced by the company back in October 2012. They have got Hue Bridge version 1.0 which is round in color. Having a simple design indeed, these smart bulbs have got a life span of almost 15,000 hours.

This means that 1st Gen Bulbs can work easily for 6 to 7 years on normal usage which is 6 to 7 hours daily. That’s why these bulbs are a bit cheaper than that of the later generations.

Life Span of 2nd Gen Bulb

2nd Gen Bulb being introduced in December 2015 has got a lot of improvements. They are 33% brighter than that of 1st Gen Bulbs. Along with the brightness, Philips Hue also made greater improvements in the lifespan in these bulbs.

In fact, a 2nd Gen Bulb has got lifespan time of 25000 hours which allows it to last for more than 12 to 13 years if you are using it on a normal pace. The sudden increase of lifespan in these bulbs are the reason for their popularity.

Life Span of 3rd Gen Bulbs

The latest generation being introduced in the market by Philips Hue is the 3rd generations. These hue bulbs are famous for richer colors. Along with other important improvements, the company has also made sure that these smart bulbs can get an ideal life span.

That is, 3rd Gen bulbs have also go 25000 hours life span which is why they are able to work for more than 12 hours.

Effect of Outside Factors on Bulbs

Why some of the hue bulbs last earlier than one expects? What’s the main reason behind it? Well, one of the many reasons is the role of outside factors which might have an adverse effect on the lifespan of bulbs that you are using.
Let’s have a look at them:


The outside environment plays an important role in determining the lifespan of smart bulbs. If you are living in too hot or too cold area, it is imminent that the bulbs will last earlier than you expect.

That’s because of the outside environment, they might be operating on a higher potential which could reduce the lifespan of the bulbs easily.

Effect of Electrical Surge

An electrical surge is also not good for these bulbs. It can cause the short out in the bulb or might even break it. This can also reduce the lifespan of the smart bulb that you are using.

Faulty Bulb

It is also probable that you might get a faulty bulb which can only last for a couple of days. In such circumstance, you should claim the warranty provided by the company itself to make sure that you get a new bulb with improvement.

Enclosing Factor

Another important factor is whether to place the white and color ambiance bulbs in an enclosed fixture or not. In contrast to incandescent light bulbs, Hue bulbs produce a very small amount of heat but if you are using them in an enclosed area, it might cause more heat which is not good for the overall lifespan of the bulb.

However, the official manufacturer company doesn’t say anything about it but still, it might be considered as a factor to reduce the lifespan of your light bulb.


In short, a hue bulb is rated at 15000 hours or 25000 hours if you go for better versions. They are able to work for 6 to 12 years on normal usage. In either case, they are an ideal investment as compared to typical incandescent bulbs.

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  1. I have a Phillips Hue White bulb, model ZE39KL that has worked fine with my Echo Plus for the past two years. Then, 2 days ago it quit responding. I’ve checked everything and there is power to the socket. When I ask Alexa to turn on the light, Alexa says the light is not responding. When I go to my android phone and access it, it shows that the setting is set to off. When I change it to full brightness for the light, it goes back to off. The app on the phone says the light is not responding. Can anyone tell me why? Has the bulb gone bad after only two years of normal use in our living room, where it is used only about 6 hours a day?


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