How to Install Philips Hue Light Strips Under Cabinets & Counters – Installation Guide

Install Philips Hue Light Strips Under Cabinets and Counters

Philips Hue Light Strips are making their mark in decorating different areas of our homes. Nowadays, you will see them in kitchens, rooms, with TVs, and with gaming rigs. They add more beauty and aesthetics to your rooms etc.

One of the best areas where you can install the hue light strips are cabinets and counters. You will now see many modern kitchen cabinets with a dim glow of lighting either blue or whitish kind which makes a perfect impression while you are working in the kitchen.

This guide indeed contains info about how you can install the Philips Hue Bulbs effectively under cabinets.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic right here right now.

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How To Install Philips Hue Light Strips Under Cabinets?

Some simple steps required in installing the light strips under the cabinets and counters of your kitchen are as follows:

1. Deciding About The Place

The very first thing that you should first is to decide an ideal place of the kitchen where you want to install these light strips. You should check out the cabinets, counters or other places by simply sticking the light strips temporarily.

The place you select depends upon your choice that where they will look beautiful and gorgeous.

2. Make Sure that The Strips Are Long Enough

Now, that you have decided the place where you are about to install the light strips, the next step is to make sure that the light strips are long enough. that is, they are able to cover the entire area with ease.

Usually, the Philips Hue light strips are 2m in length and they also come with a controller which is required for proper functioning of the lights. However, 1m extensions are also available which you can get easily if you are in need of long strips.

3. Using Extension Cables In Hidden Areas

This is a tricky part and can save you a lot of money. If you have got areas where there is no function of light strips i.e. they are not visible, you can use extension cables instead of using expensive light strips. Doing this might save you a lot of money and you will be able to save the light strips for further work as well.

Litcessory is a brand specialized in making extension cables which allow the user to use them in places where there is no probable function of light strip to make sure that you can use the light strip in ideal areas only.

4. Plugging The Controller

Once you have routed the light strips and have placed them, the next step is to connect the controller with the plug. You will need to make sure that the controller is able to reach the plug in an ideal manner so that it can be powered up with ease.

Also, there will be some places where you will need to drill small holes so that you can easily pass the extension cables through them. So, make sure of it that you have got important stuff to install the light strips in the kitchen.

The video below explains the whole process from A to Z in a perfect manner. So, watch it if you are having any confusions about the installation guide:

The Final Word

Following this simple guide, you can easily light up your cabinets with richer colors and by using the Philips Hue light strips.

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